73 Juta Street Braamfontein Johannesburg South Africa, 2000

Johannesburg: 26.2041° S, 28.0473° E London: 51.5072° N, 0.1276°

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“There Is No Neutral Ground. All Territories Are Bound”

Manifestos - Architecture for a New Generation

This annual collaboration between London Festival of Architecture and the Design Museum highlights new voices who are expanding the parameters of architecture in London.

The fascia that binds every cell of our human bodies. Is of the same materiality found in the deepest parts of the ocean. We are ocean. They say we are human.

Counterspace continues to weave the exploration of the subjectivities that are the foundation of the archive through this film collage commissioned by the Design Museum (in collaboration with the London Festival of Architecture).

Seen as a manifesto for change, the collection of imagery looks at how the history of South Africa is linked to, is shaped by the history of London.

57 notations state the known and lesser known points of connection; the joints of history that were the impetus for power. A power that could link all territories, all geographies with a violent thread.